Friday, January 15, 2010

A Tale of Oliver & Company: Our Cats

For all those of you who have just gotten and/or are getting your Christmas cards (we're running a bit behind), you'll notice that the newsletter mentioned a video that we made of our cats. It also mentioned that you would be able to see this video on my blog. Well, I am also behind in posting, so here it is.

The movie is about twenty minutes long and uploaded into five parts. Click below watch the video and see picture albums of the cats.

Hope you all enjoy this chance to meet our wonderful, furry felines! They are the cutest cats ever on the earth . . . of course, that opinion might be just a little biased.

We've Got Snow!!

We may not have had a white Christmas, but we certainly have had a white New Year! We've had snow almost every day for two weeks, so things have been really looking beautiful. It's been warming up since yesterday (finally hit thirty degrees), so things are starting to melt off the roof and make a lot of noise as they crash down on the roof.

These are some pictures of the "frosty ice" stuff that we got last week. The trees and everything looked like this all day and everything outside just glittered! Dad actually had to take the truck to work for over a week, since the roads haven't been really clear.
Hoping to post more soon . . .

(Click on photos to enlarge.)