About Little Kumquat

Hi! My name is Sarah Louise, I am over twenty and live in rural Ohio. My twin sister, Elizabeth, and I desire to honor Jesus Christ with our lives and everything that we do. At the moment that includes running several YouTube channels, a couple of websites, multiple blogs, editing video montages, needle-felting, photographing local cemeteries for Find a Grave, drawing, scrapbooking and playing old music on piano and violin.

If you'd like to contact me, please e-mail me: feltedgnomes@gmail.com 

We LOVE music. We collect records, focusing on 33s (LPs) and 78s. I play the violin, and Elizabeth plays the piano, so we love sheet music as well, mostly from the classic Pop era of the 1930s and 1940s. We share a dream of going on a long trip to England, before we get married, to see the historical sites. We LOVE British history, and are working on a historical-fiction novel set in WWII England.

We have 10 indoor cats (rescues) and our own website: www.seproductions.org.
We love gardening, but you probably know that already! :)

We've produced and donated two finished movies to Answers in Genesis (Front Porch Gospel with Buddy Davis music DVDs) and two Quilt Projects that raised over $80,000 for the Creation Museum & AiG Ministry. Elizabeth loves DVD transfer, editing, and music production, while I'm crazy about Adobe Photoshop, photo editing and Adobe CS2.

"Little Kumquat" is my place online where I can post pictures and stories about anything that tickles my fancy! The name sounds funny, but it is actually a nickname from when we were really little. :) We'll keep you posted on the latest happenings around here and the newest projects!

Lots of things to do, but not enough time . . .


My sister and I have several YouTube channels. We make montages and tributes to classic movies and actors, as well as posting hard-to-find scenes or songs. We're both nuts about old musicals, westerns and the classic B&W era. Feel free to check out any of our channels and please leave comments!

 Little Kumquat on YouTube
This is my channel, Bing and Nelson Fan, where you'll find all those beautiful ballads and numbers performed by my two favorite singers, Bing Crosby and Nelson Eddy.

Cowboy and the Senorita on YouTube
This is our tribute channel to the King of the Cowboys and the Queen of the West, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans! Relive the time when the good guy was the hero and the bad guy always lost.

Buddy Davis Fan Club on YouTube
A channel dedicated to the music written/performed by Buddy Davis (Answers in Genesis). You can even watch our whole film, Front Porch Gospel: Autumn, which was filmed and edited by SE Productions (that's us!).