Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Cat: Samwise the Honey Pot!

I don't know what to write for the first post, so I'll just show some pics of my special cat. I was looking through pictures of our cats the other day and thought I would post some really cute ones of my special baby, Samwise. :D He is so cute and fluffy.

He was born in our Dining Room along with a little brother, Frodo, and a sister, Aramintie. Samwise is known around here as a "squeak pot". When he was a baby he didn't like anyone to touch him or even get close to him. If he smelled you near him or you tried to pet him he would start squeaking at the top of his lungs until his Mommy came and "protected" him. Silly Sammy!

His mother soon learned how to turn his squeaks to her advantage. She didn't relish the idea of spending six weeks by herself in the Dining Room (we thought the babies would be safer in there away from our other nine cats), so she carried Sammy to the closed door and dropped him there so that we would hear the squeaking and open the door. Mommy was out like a dart and left poor Sammy alone --- don't worry! We always rescued him. ;)

Finally, after two weeks of this, we gave up and let the Mommy move the little babies into the Living Room. She couldn't be happier and Sammy wasn't always being deposited on the cold floor to make a racket. :D The first picture is of Elizabeth holding Samwise when he was one week old. He was squeaking up a storm the whole time!

Isn't Sammy precious. He still squeaks, but usually when he wants you to pet him and give him "lovin's". ;) Every morning he waits outside of our bedroom for us to let him in at the morning and he is the last one to leave at night (he has to have "alone time" to get petted). He's quite selfish, but he's so cute that you can't get mad at him. :lol: ;) He's a big boy now and has huge paws! The last picture is from a couple weeks ago; he is just over two years old! :D

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