Saturday, June 6, 2009

D-Day Anniversary & June Flowers!

This marks the 65th anniversary of D-Day! Wow! Elizabeth and I spend so much time reading about WWII and studying the era that it hardly seems possible that it is already 70 years ago! I found this picture online and thought it was really cool!

Back again with some more pictures of the yard and working around outside. We've had several thunder/lightning storms over the past week and a half --- definitely a blessing from God, since we spent a super-dry Summer last year, but it did wipe out the flowers from a lot of the earlier-blooming plants. One iris has re-bloomed, but I think that the rest are done for the year.

The Betony is blooming though and the Valerian is gorgeous! (Pics one and two below --- Valerian has the white flowers.) Dad spent Saturday morning pulling the gigantic (and wonderfully healthy) thistles from the area where we usually have our vegetable garden. Once that was accomplished he mowed the area with the push mower. We're hoping that grass will take over. We'll see how it goes.

We've planted a few pepper and tomato plants around the yard, in various garden areas. Next year we are figuring to move the vegetable garden area to another location in the yard. Also pictured below is a close-up of a Clematis flower. Isn't that gorgeous!? It looked like it had fried last Summer, but came back this year at double the size!

The peonies were huge this year! A lot of the flowers were beat up by the storms, but these had not opened yet, so we still had plenty to enjoy. Aren't they gorgeous? Then there are Mom and Elizabeth. They were taking a walk around the yard. The morning dew was so thick that it actually ruined Elizabeth's socks through her shoes!

Last but not least, Mom and Elizabeth planted some dahlias (and other stuff) in some outdoor flower pots. That's me in the last picture --- they put me to work! These are the only annuals we got this year. Last year all the annuals died because of the heat, so it looks like not many people around here are bothering with them this Summer. Dahlias are so pretty though . . .

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