Sunday, June 21, 2009

We were visited by a policeman!

This is something a bit out of the ordinary! Earlier this week we discovered that some thieves had rifled through our cars and actually stole the ash tray with coins in it. We weren't as upset about losing the change as we are about having a gaping hole in the front panel of the car (where the ash tray had been). We called the police and they made a report. I'm ready to move to Montana, buy 1,000 acres of trees, build a house in the center and live life where it's "safe"! Not really, I like it here. :)

Well, I mowed the lawn today. It was nice and sunny (a bit too hot, too!), and it only takes an hour and a half to do the entire thing. I actually got it finished in the time that it took Mom and Elizabeth to make Lunch. Not bad!

I'm hoping to post some more flower pictures here soon. The climbing rose bush is in bloom and gorgeous! More later . . .

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