Monday, September 14, 2009

My Felting Won People's Choice at the Fair!

Here is the first Tomato Show entry. I've got more pictures than this, but I'm really supposed to be eating lunch right now, so I haven't got time to upload them all. Uh oh!

My felted-wool birds won a the People's Choice ribbon in the Fiber category at the Tomato Show! It's a cool orange ribbon (my second-favorite color) and a pair of engraved scissors. I am planning to add one more bird to the tree, but it'll be next week or later. It's going to be a bluebird sitting in the empty spot on the right-hand side there.

All of the birds are types that we've got around here. From left to right they are: a Cedar Waxwing, a Barn Swallow (my favorite bird), a Gold Finch, a Mockingbird, a Cardinal, a Robin, a Titmouse and a Downy Woodpecker is perched on the trunk.

Originally, I was just making a couple of birds for Mom to use as Christmas ornaments, but she went and found the tree at Hobby Lobby and had the idea of a whole tree full of birds. The Barn Swallow was my idea. We have bunches of them here and they are my favorites. When I mow the lawn they come and fly all around the tractor and eat the bugs that are coming out of the grass!

This was the first year that we added categories for woodcarving, fly-tying, jewelry, beading and weaving into the show, so we're hoping that next year there will be a bigger turn-out as far as entries go. We've all been working hard this year to make entries for the new categories, so that we could kind "pad them out" and give people an idea of what they can enter from now on. In the end one third of the entries were ours!

Above are some pictures of the room where the entries are during the fair. We share a room with photography and there were tons of pictures this year! I'll put in some more pictures soon. Got to go eat . . . it's corn on the cob and I wouldn't want to miss that!

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