Monday, December 21, 2009

"I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas . . ."

Christmas Decorations Post #2
Here is another batch of pics showing of the decorations around here. I've taken a bunch more, but it takes a while to get them uploaded, so there will be more posts to come. The first shot is our "main" Nativity, which is in the living room. When we were little (that seems like a while ago!), Mom and Dad bought a new piece for us of this nativity each year.

Well, like I said last time, there's a lyric for everything and I am certainly dreaming of a white Christmas. We've had snow for the past three or four days and it's lovely. According to the weather however, we're supposed to have rain and 41 degrees on Christmas day. Ugh. But hey, it might not be the first time that the weather men are wrong.

These next three pics are more decorations in the living room. The tree is a seven ft. silver tinsel tree, so all the balls are shiny, glittery, silver, gold and/or a shade of red. The first picture is our sheet music cabinet decked out for the holidays, and (in the second pic) the wood stove is not to be left out either!

Now for our tiny downstairs bathroom. This is a would-be closet turned into a half bath. Mom uses it for all of her old-fashioned elves and plastic stuff that is left from, or just like, stuff that she had when she was a kid. It also receives the Cuban touch with our "Feliz Navidad" decor!

Well, that's all for now folks, but tune in again tomorrow, same time, same place, for another installment. (Gotta go finish a Christmas surprise while Mom and Elizabeth are still out grocery shopping!)

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