Friday, March 12, 2010

A Felted Rose for Mom

Yay! I've finally gotten around to taking pictures of the needle-felting projects that I made for Mom and Elizabeth for Christmas. This is the needle-felted rose that I made for Mom. The petals were each felted separately and then connected to a small felted center. The stem is green wool, felted around a pipe cleaner, with leaf and thorns attached later.

We kind of made this up as we went, and Elizabeth and I thought that a pipe cleaner would make a good stem, but it is not wuite heavy enough to support the weight of the flower. Next time, we're going to try some real heavy floral wire. We'd really like to figure out a good way to make a sturdy stem as Elizabeth wants to make a whole vase full of these; a vase filled with all of the flowers named after Grace Kelly (Princess Grace of Monaco).

One great thing: our Gramma gave us a bottle of perfume that is called "Tea Rose". It was a fitting name because the stuff smells exactly like a rose, so we sprayed this wool rose with the perfume, and it actually smelled real!

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