Thursday, March 4, 2010

Misc. Family Videos

I know this is a funny post, especially since you all want to see pics of the crash and the new car, but . . . what can I say?! Those pics are coming. We got the crash scene pics in the mail yesterday and we're going to scan some in and post them for you.

This is a six and a half minute compilation of two year old home video film posted for a friend of mine in the UK. I know that it's not well edited, but hey, Elizabeth wasn't here this afternoon to help with it! :) It will give you an idea of what we sound like at any rate. The first portion of clips are actually from this past Summer. We drove up to Lake Erie for the day and I got a little film. Elizabeth is in the blue shirt and I am in the white. That's Mom and Dad with us.

The middle portion of film is from two years ago when we were putting up Christmas decorations. Mom filmed that and also shows some of the rooms in the house downstairs. They don't really look like that anymore, as we've rearranged, but it will give you an idea! I am in the brown shirt and Elizabeth is in the green with the pony tail.

There is a short clip showing our TV room/Library which is upstairs. That is Elizabeth sitting on the sofa while she's working on her stamp collection. I'm filming and talking in the silly voice behind the camera! We sold that sofa this Summer and the TV is on the opposite side of the room now, but you can see the book shelves.

The last section of video is from two years ago when we got twenty inches of snow in one weekend. They actually closed all the roads in the county to anything but emergency vehicles! I am in the purple sweater and Elizabeth has the red jacket on.

I'll work on getting newer film, but this should give you an idea of where we live and all. We've got film from the trip we took to Florida a few months ago, so I'll see if we can download some of that. More later.

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