Sunday, April 18, 2010

We Went Fabric Shopping!

There is nothing more fun than fabric shopping! Okay, maybe a trip to England would be better, but not much else, right? It is especially fun when we get to go to one of our favorite fabric shops in "Amish Country". It is quite a drive from our house, but well worth it as they have tons of different fabrics: flannel, cotton, corduroy, chenille and . . . minkee!

To coin a phrase, "too many fabrics and too little time". Not very original, I know, but still very true. We found all kinds of things that we couldn't live without, so it looks like the sewing machines will be coming out this week! Elizabeth and I have been collecting fabric to make all kinds of baby things for years. By the time we get married and have a baby, the nursery stuff will be all ready. Well, we got some more fabric, but this design was pretty original. It is a fabric called Hello Baby. It is "baby signs", as in American Sign Language words for baby!

(Click on pics to enlarge them.)
You can see a bunch of the material that we got in the picture of the whole stack of it above. That's not even all! Just the other day, Elizabeth and I were moaning over the fact that we'd never found Yogi Bear fabric, and just before we were ready to leave the store yesterday Elizabeth spotted Yogi fabric on the shelf. Wow, can you beat that? Elizabeth also got fabric to make a crib quilt for her baby, and the colors are gorgeous (it is the material at the top of the stack in the picture), but I'll wait until it's sewn to post pictures of that one. More later . . .

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  1. Do you happen to have any of the baby sign fabric left or willingly not to sell what you made with it? Our house got broken into and I'm desperately trying to recreate the things that I made for the kids that were stolen.
    Thank you