Friday, May 28, 2010

Finally . . . No More Christmas Decorations!

Guess what!? This week we finally got all of the Christmas decorations down! At least, as far as I know . . . there are always the few things that seem to get forgotten in some little corner. Much longer and we could have left them up 'til this Christmas. No thanks. These are some of the old balls that we were packing up from the tree upstairs. I love old Christmas balls!

This time of year is the prettiest, as far as the flowers go, so who can help but take lots of pictures of them?! Here are some more pics of the garden out back and a new iris.

Well, I've got another little gnome done (actually finished him a week ago) and will try to get pictures of him soon. We are going to a fiber show tomorrow, so I'm hoping to come back with new colors and hair colors, otherwise all the little gnomes will have the same five hair colors! More later.

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