Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Nelson Eddy!

Wow! Nelson Eddy would be 109 years old today! It's pretty cool to have our birthday only one day before his. Too bad that Mom didn't wait one day longer. Well, she doesn't think that . . .

We had a nice birthday and spent the day out. We went to Kohl's and had a "birthday spree" which was lots of fun. We got some really nice, new pajamas and capris. Shopping with Mom is always tons of fun.

Dad met us up there for Dinner and then we came home. Mom and Dad gave us some DVDs (mine were a Bing Crosby movie and a Nelson Eddy movie!). They also gave me a gorgeous occupied Japan statuette of a "colonial" figurine. I've got a collection of those, and he will fit right in!

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