Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dill Pickles and 'All About Eve'?!

Well, we've seen both in the last week. We got to see another classic film down at The Ohio Theater in Columbus. This time it was All About Eve starring Bette Davis, George Sanders and Gary Merrill. Well, okay, Anne Baxter was in it too, but she played Eve, so you aren't supposed to like her. :)

The quality of this reel was great, and it was impressive on the big screen. Wow! Most of the audience had not seen the film yet, so it was fun to hear people's reactions. George Sanders actually got a round of applause when he finally told Eve off.

We've been busy this week, as we got some of the first fresh produce of the season --- including blueberries! We went to a local produce auction (mostly Amish) and got green beans, cucumbers and tomatoes. We've already made three gallons of pickles and will probably do up one more tomorrow. Mom and Elizabeth made some fresh salsa too, and that was sure nice.

I'm working on another little felted gnome. This time it is another girl, so she is wearing "mary jane" shoes. At the moment she consists of two legs, connected to two feet, which are loosely connected at the hips. Poor thing. She looks quite pathetic --- but she's on her way to feeling better!

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