Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We're Back . . .

This post has been a while in coming, but we've barely been home since we got back. I am finally uploading a bunch of the pictures that we took, so here they are: Click Here for the Album

Here are a few pictures (just because I can't resist posting them)! First off, here is a picture of what we had for breakfast every day . . . pastelitos! That is the word for Cuban pastries, and the best are the ones that are long and thin (in the picture): they are filled with cheese. Coated in sugar, so they're not our dentist's idea of good food, but you've never lived if you haven't had one. ;) The square-shaped ones along the back, with the red filling, are guava-filled!

We got to meet Leilani, and that was so great! We had a really good time with Patty and Alex, and spent most of Sunday with them. We also had time to go over and see their new apartment (which includes Leilani's adorable nursery!). These are two pictures of Leilani while Mom and Elizabeth were holding her:

Okay, okay. She was awake some of the time, but I didn't really take pictures of her that way, so here are a couple that Patty and Alex took. Now you can really appreciate her cuteness!

Well, now that you've seen the really important stuff, you can go ahead and take a look at the album. We were able to visit with some of the extended family, and we even got to see Leilani baptized! I've had another gnome finished for a while, but, as it was a present for Alex, I didn't want to post pictures. Those will be coming soon, so check back!

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