Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Samwise vs. Tricky Woo: Any Similarities?

"Tricky Woo". He's that fantastic dog character in the All Creatures Great and Small stories by James Herriot. He is an overweight, buff-colored Pekingese. His owner, Mrs. Pumphrey, is an elderly widow lady who spends much of her vast fortune on sweet, little Tricky. Tricky is never allowed to eat plain old dog food --- he eats dinners fit for royalty and always snacks on chocolate and bonbons. For his daily exercise Tricky mounts a large velvet pillow and is carried around by the gardener.

Elizabeth seems to see similarities between Tricky Woo and my cat, Samwise. Is that fair? Okay, so Sammy is 17lbs. and buff-colored, but he's not overweight, just a big-framed fellow. Okay, so he's sleepy for twenty hours a day and tired for the other four, but he gets up for his afternoon stretch and snack. He even walks himself to the food bowl! Okay, so he isn't the brightest tool in the shed and he eats anything on the floor that fits in his mouth --- but he never eats "people food". Okay, so I have spent a portion of our not-so-vast wealth on special toys that are only for Sammy, but he loves lying on my bed, on the five inches of memory foam and the down comforter, while you wiggle toys over his head for him to bat at with his paw.

Alright, so he's spoiled rotten, but he is the best cat in the world --- in my opinion. He waits to be the first cat allowed in our room every morning, and he's always the last one out at night. He stays in for some extra "lovin's", and is very vocal if he doesn't get enough! All in all, I don't see any resemblance between Samwise and Tricky, but . . .

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