Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pop's Fabulous Fly Tying

It all started because of Foyle's War. Well, that's where it started for the three of us girls. We saw the first episode where Foyle ties a "classic iron blue", and we were totally convinced that Pop should take this up as his full-time hobby. It took a long time to convince Pop, but he finally succumbed. He's even taken up fly-fishing. He says that it gives him a good reason to tie the flies.

As with anything that he decides to put his mind to . . . he's marvelous. Elizabeth seems to have inherited the same skill, which is quite lovely. They decide to do something, and poof! they are perfect at it! Wow. Pop's been working at his flies for the last week or so. I think that his Maytime fishing trip is seeming close. ;)

Well, he tied a beauty of a Jock Scott pattern the other night. It was from a pattern originally made in the 1800s and actually took him three hours to make, so he says it's only for display --- not fishing. His whole table looked so . . . professional. Just like a set in a movie or something, so I had to take a picture of it to post here! You should see his collection of colored feathers. He's always going through craft stores for bags of them, and our cousin even gave him some feathers from his little parakeet named "Pita".

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