Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wednesday Night Auction Deals

Last night was the weekly auction at the local auction house. It was snowing a lot yesterday, but Mom and I decided to brave the weather in the truck. We just made it, but it was sure worth it! We came home with a bunch of stuff (Mom got about seven boxes of craft stuff for $2.00!), but there were two real "deals" for the night. First, a whole stack of nineteen pieces of feedsack fabric for only $15.00! We were pretty happy about that, as she's always wanted just one feedsack, but it was a bit out of our budget. Here's a picture of the stack:

The other deal was a complete setting for eight of dishes made in Occupied Japan! Mom collected Occupied Japan figurines for years (before we were born), but had never been able to afford a set of dishes. She was sure that she wouldn't get them, but in the end she actually got the whole set for only $10.00! They are still wrapped in newspaper at the moment, but I'll hope to get a picture of them soon. We've got to decide where to put them . . .

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