Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More Autographs and Misc.

We got another fan mail response back the other day. This time it was from 1950s actress, Rhonda Fleming! We sent our own pictures, and she signed them and even included another one! She plays Princess Sandi in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court starring Bing Crosby (and her, of course!). That is one of the first movies that I ever remember watching . . . and I don't remember a time of not watching it. Oh, when I was little I wanted to look like her . . . well, until I saw Jane Russell. I sure wanted to look like Jane Russell. Oh well. :)

Buddy and Kay brought some books up from AiG for us the other day. Elizabeth had sent a few of our books with them to have Ken autograph them for us (how did those slip by?), and Ken sent us copies of his new book and some other stuff. It was really sweet because he even inscribed them! He's really great! One of these days I should post some pics of all my special "Ken Ham" stuff. I've got tons of it packed away to save for Little Kenny. :)

Tomorrow we're supposed to have a big "winter storm", so it looks like we'll be staying home. Even the auction house has canceled the sale tomorrow! Well, got to go for now. I'm hoping to work on my scrapbook!

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