Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring, Snow and Summer: The Agonies of Waiting

It seems like it's been a really long Winter this year. Even though I'm not quite ready for all the activities that come with Summer, I am certainly ready for some warm weather. Last Monday it was so warm that we actually went out in short sleeves --- without jackets! It snowed again two nights ago, and we're back to coats. Ah well, in two months it will seem hard to remember all this snow.

I'm really excited about Summer. August can't come soon enough for me this year. We're so excite that we're already starting to plan on what we can take down with us. Dad's been talking to his family about everyday, and that's nice.

We went shopping for some new shirts. Boy, the state of clothes in the stores is rather depressing. You either look like you're undressed, or you look like some hick. Not to mention that the quality of material has gone so far down. We did get a couple of new shirts, though. Maybe if we wash them on the delicate setting they will last out the season! ;)

There is nothing to photograph out here. Everything is just gray and gray. So, here's another picture from Old Cuba. That is Gramma and Grampa in the front (aren't they lovely?!) with various great-grandparents, aunts and uncles behind. More later.

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