Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where do these weathermen get their predictions?

We've all heard that proverbial phrase, "Spring is just around the corner." It's a particularly long corner this year for rural Ohio-ans. Only one day left in the month of March and we're in the middle of a pretty hard white-out. That means that the ground is covered in snow and more is coming down every minute!

Yesterday, the weather station said that we would be in the upper-thirties with rain for the next three days. They changed their minds by last night and said that it would in the low thirties with a half inch of slushy-snow accumulation. It was changed to a half inch of real snow by this morning, but nothing was supposed to last longer than 4:30 this afternoon. Well, it's been snowing for a solid two hours at least. There is at least an inch of accumulation already, and you can't even see the field across the street for all the snow coming down. Where do these weathermen get their information? I know that the weather reporting room in the town where we grew up did not have a single window. Go figure.

Here are some pictures of the house and yard as it appeared about twenty minutes ago. It's even whiter now. Well, I better get going for now. Pop will be home soon, and I'm going to try to dig up a snack! More later.

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