Saturday, April 9, 2011

Very Beanie Find at the First Estate Sale of the Year!

It happened! The first estate sale of the year! We went up to Panera this morning and stopped at the sale on the way. We got a couple of really cool finds (including a 1950s crib for $15.00 --- and it has the little lamby decals in tact), and it was just such a nice feeling to go "garage sale-ing". What really thrilled the two of us was the stack of "Beanie Babies" that we picked up. They were only twenty-five cents each! How can you resist that?! Elizabeth and I are just helpless when it comes to refusing a Beanie. I mean, can you ever have enough?

All of these Beanies are from 1993 to 1998, which is our favorite "era". Those are all the ones that we remember being in the store when we were buying them originally. We even got a shark (which is actually one that we don't have!) and a leopard! Hooray. Five of the Beanies are the mini ones, so they're not in the picture, but this puts our Beanie collection way over 100. In fact, we're going to go count them when we go upstairs this evening. ;)

Elizabeth also got a bunch traveling pennants from the 1960s. They're all from Germanic countries. She's been wanting some for ages to put on the bulletin board in our room. All in all, this was a fun sale! There's a big rummage sale opening on Wednesday --- guess where we're going?!

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