Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reading 'Gone with the Wind'

The cool spell has arrived! In fact, it's been great since Saturday. We've actually had two nights that made it down into the high forties. That was pretty nice. We had a huge storm on Friday night that had to have a tornado or two in it. There was hail coming down and really, really strong wind. It was worth it though, as this has been great weather since. I just mowed the lawn this morning, and we're planning on working in the garden this afternoon. I got the cutest little sign to hang on the fence. It has a little gnome and mushrooms on it, and it says "Gnome Sweet Gnome". :)

We got a fan mail reply last week! This one was from Joan Leslie, the 1940s actress. We sent some sheet music to her which she signed for us. She also sent us each a large photograph of herself. Pretty cool.

I started reading Gone with the Wind a couple weeks ago. We thought that it would be something good to read to get ideas of writing style, as I am about ready to actually write our story. Though I am not necessarily a fan of the story really, I am certainly enjoying the novel. It's a fascinating look into the mindset of the old South and the consequences of the Civil War. I'll post more as I finish the book. I'm only about a quarter of the way through, but it's very good. We're going to see the film on the big screen this Summer in Columbus, so I'm hoping to be finished with the book by the time we go!

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