Sunday, August 28, 2011

Needed: DVD Case Designer

Elizabeth has put me to work designing a DVD case for her. Some of the old VHS movies that she's turning over haven't got cases, so she wants me to make a few in Photoshop that she can print out. Since we came home from church she's had me making a case for Thunder on the Hill --- a Claudette Colbert mystery film from 1951. This isn't too bad, as she said that she'd help Mom make lunch if I made a case. Not a bad deal, in my opinion.

Claudette Colbert plays a nun who has to prove a young girl innocent of murder. Not the hardest mystery to slove, but the film is very well done. The other star of the film is Ann Blyth, so we left a blank space on the case. Elizabeth wants to send it to her to autograph. We have autographed pictures from her, but we're planning on sending some sheet music soon.

We spent yesterday working in the yard. Mom and I got a ton of weeding done in the flower garden. Some of the plants were so big that it felt like something out of a Jules Verne story. We also got the mower fixed, so the grass is nice and short today. Yay! Buddy and Kay stopped by to pick up some chain saws. We haven't seen them in ages. Hopefully, we'll get together soon.

Well, it's about time for lunch, so I better get going. We're going to watch the last couple shows in the first season of Wagon Train tonight. I'll be kind of disappointed to finish them. They've been really enjoyable. The Dan Duryea show is still the best!

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