Wednesday, August 31, 2011

To Make a Long Story Short . . .

We didn't get the new chairs. The delivery guys arrived, but the chairs were not what we had ordered. In fact, after a whole afternoon of working things out with the furniture store, the chairs that they told us we would be getting are not even made. They had told us that if we paid for an upgrade charge to top-grain leather then the whole chair would be covered in 100% leather. Turns out that the company doesn't make anything but "leather match" and "leather touch" stuff. So, we took a refund. The funny thing about that is that we sold the love seat from the TV room yesterday morning! So, now we're in the market for a couple chairs. I'm sure that God has some waiting out there --- now to find them!

We're planning on going to the auction tonight. Several things there that would be great to pick up. We went to a local thrift store today, and Elizabeth and I got some Beanie Babies. Some bears and a really cute cat. We also went to a rummage sale and got a pair of curtains for the TV room. They are long and have old English town scenes in browns and greens on them.

Tomorrow is going to be a salsa making/canning day. We've got all of the ingredients here, so we're going to make that and freeze some peppers and onions. Elizabeth and I are going down to Buddy and Kay's on Friday for a jam session and just to have fun. Not to mention that they need Lizzy's help on hooking up some electronic stuff!

Well, I've got to go meet up with an ice pack. Some mean, nasty little bug bit me six times on the back of my thigh, so it's driving me bonkers!!! More later.

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