Friday, December 23, 2011

Keultjeses and the Annual Cuban Dinner

I haven't been blogging at all, as we've been doing stuff for Christmas. We had the Keultjeses over on Tuesday, so we spent a couple of days getting ready for that. It was our annual Cuban dinner --- it wouldn't feel like Christmas without that. We've not had a Christmas in Ohio without the Keultjeses! Grampa sent a big box that was just loaded with plantains, yuca and sour oranges, and Mom and I sorted through five pounds of black beans. I meant to take "before and after" pictures, but I forgot to take the "after" one. This is what our Cuban dinner looked like in the raw form. Those are beans soaking in the pot, by the way.

Tuesday night was a blast! We were up really late, but hardly noticed --- 'til the next day, anyway. Hannah and Claire actually got enough time off to stay until this weekend, so they've had some time to enjoy up here. Mom and I spent all day yesterday making Rum Balls. Funny thing is, we never actually made any with Rum! So, we packed some up and took them up to Keultjeses last evening. We were only going to visit for a little while, but it was ten o'clock before we left. They called Mrs. Furr and she came over, too. It was a ton of fun. I think that Elizabeth and Claire polished off a gallon of hot tea between them. :) We discussed everything possible, and solved the problems of the world.

We made four different varieties of Rum Balls this year. Old Forester Bourbon with pecans and rolled in Cuban coffee; Bailey's and Kahlua with walnuts and rolled in powdered sugar; Frangelico with pecans and rolled in coconut; and Cherry Brandy with walnuts, a brandied cherry in the middle and rolled in sugar. Mom and I made them together while Elizabeth wrapped some presents and worked on "secret stuff". We ended up making twelve dozen!

One more thing to mention: Claire brought us a wonderful present the other night, and I wanted to include a photo of it here. A vintage Christmas ornament that is a red-glass, unsilvered bell --- with the original cardboard topper! What a cool present, huh?! We only have two other round balls that have the paper toppers, so I think it's thrilling. More later.

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