Sunday, January 15, 2012

Doing those everyday, ordinary things.

We've had two days of active "snowing", and now we're having a day of sunshine. Can't beat this for winter weather! Elizabeth took some pictures of the snow yesterday when she was filling the bird feeders. Since it was snowing so much, they barely cleared the roads, so I thought this picture was beautiful.

Also, here is a picture of Elizabeth and me! We haven't taken a picture since our birthday last June, I think. Our hair's getting really long these days, probably the longest it's been since we were about ten years old. (That's E. on the left and me on the right.)

We're hoping to have a kind of stay-at-home week. Buddy and Kay are coming over for lunch one day, so we're going to make a fondue --- they're bringing an ice-cream cake! Just the perfect thing for this kind of weather. Mom and I are going to work on listing stuff on eBay. We've been getting some auctions up and still have a bunch to go. I want to open an Etsy store for a couple of the wool dolls, but we have to figure out how they would be packaged. I'm hoping to raise enough money for a set of books for my stamp collection. We'll see how that goes.

I've got some website stuff to work on, but not much motivation to do it. I've been enjoying reading a bunch of books from the library --- all of them on different people in the Clapham Sect and British Anti-Slavery movement. Elizabeth and I are really trying to get to work on our novel. I need to spend some time doing the actual writing of a few scenes to get the project going. Not much more going on right now that's worth reporting. More later.

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