Monday, January 9, 2012

Why do Libraries, Museums and Archives Charge for Info?

After the last years of freezing weather for January and February --- this one is proving the exception to the rule. We're having weather in the thirties this week, but no wind, so we feel really warm. I only had to set one fire this afternoon. Also, we have been realizing that, apart from that two inches last week, we haven't had any real snow! Nothing that really kept us in the house, or made things nippy, or ice-covered trees --- not anything. Kind of funny.

Not much is happening. We're still working on the settlement over this car crash, and that seems kind of never-ending. I'll be happy when we don't have to think about it every day.

Like I said last time, I've been trying to research E. J. Eliot. This means that I've searched through some online catalogues of various British Archive Libraries. What's really bugging me (and it's really bugging me!) is that every one that I've gotten a reply from won't send a transcription or a scan. They send me pages of forms to print out, fill out and mail in --- accompanied by their so-called "nominal fee" of ten to twenty pounds. I mean, how can it cost twelve or eighteen pounds to scan a one page, two-sided letter? Everybody wants money for everything, and you have to promise not to do anything with the scans that they send. Don't share them with anyone but yourself. Don't send them anywhere. Don't post it. Yikes! These are all coming from Archive Libraries where the articles were, almost always, donated for further generations to study. Hard to study things when they charge you through the nose.

Well, that's a bit of a negative post, but I figured it might help to do a little venting. More later.

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