Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's a Leap Year!

Hooray for today! It's a Leap Year. I love the date of "February 29". Mom actually has a great uncle and aunt who were married on a leap year. That would be pretty cool. :)

It's been the craziest weather ever this Winter, and you'd never know that it wasn't April already. Today was actually 61'F! We went out to Mt. Gilead yesterday to the genealogical society. Elizabeth wanted to look up some names for her "Swetland" family tree. We did a little grocery shopping and then went to eat at Pizza Hut. That was a pretty fun afternoon.

Today, we've just been hanging around. Doing some ordinary things like laundry and dusting and that stuff. The weather has been so warm that we're all dying of heat. Tonight, we're planning on watching the last of the five George Sanders "Saint" movies. We had to take a small break and spend a couple evenings watching Perry Mason shows instead, as we only got them for one week from the library. I really enjoyed The Case of the Libelous Locket. Raymond Burr was in the hospital when they filmed that one, so Michael Rennie guest-starred as the defense attorney. I love Michael Rennie --- he's a great actor with a fabulous voice.

I've been working on the latest little wool needle-felted doll. It's an Indian, American Indian that is. Have I mentioned that before? He's almost finished now, except for his head piece and a little mat to sit on. Boy, am I happy with him. Hopefully, there will be pictures of him coming soon!

Tomorrow is Dad's birthday, so we've got some plans, but they're under wraps right now. More later!

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