Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Taste of Summer

It doesn't seem quite right, but we actually had strawberry shortcake the other night! In March! Florida-grown strawberries hit the stores this week at $1.00 a pound, so we bought some and had them for dessert. I came home and made some sweetened biscuits, and Mom made homemade whipped cream. Delicious. Scrumptious.

And --- I actually remembered to take photos along the way, too! First are the strawberries sliced and ready. Second is the whipped cream, third is the strawberry-topped biscuit and finally, the finished product!

We're set for a record-breaking week of temperatures. Apparently, anyway, so we'll see. It's supposed to be 25-30'F above the average with highs in the upper sixties and lows in the fifties. Elizabeth is hoping for a week of staying home, as she's trying to finish getting all of the books and bookshelves dusted. We saw a fun movie last night: My Wild Irish Rose. It stars Dennis Morgan as Chauncey Olcott who was the first man known as an "Irish Tenor". I'll have to post more about that in another entry. More later.

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