Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 3: Recording the Vocals

Friday was the day that Buddy got to record his vocals. We didn't have to get to the studio until 10:00am, so we had breakfast at the hotel (oatmeal and waffles) and spent some time in our rooms resting. Everybody was a bit tired from the day before, so Buddy was just resting up while Kay worked on her computer. Elizabeth and I brought a bagel and English muffin (bagel for me!) up to the room and we watched a bit of a movie. We also called Mom to see what she was up to and tell her our plans for the day.

Buddy got to record the vocals in the same studio that we'd been in on Thursday, so he was back in the same little sound booth, and we were all back on the same black sofa. Not bad. The last two tracks on the CD are the hardest to sing, so Buddy figured that it would be a good idea to record the vocals in reverse order. Hey, nothing beats variety.

Buddy's voice was really top-notch, even after having a big day before. This is going to be a fabulous CD! One of the songs was actually a one-take-no-mistake deal. He didn't even have to punch-in a single word. And, it happens to be my favorite one!

Elizabeth and I spent some time taking pictures of each other in the studio, and these are some of the results. :) They have to keep the air conditioning on pretty low in there (because of all the equipment), so we actually took jackets the second day. You also get to see our glasses. Didn't really need them in there, but we wanted them in some of the pictures, anyway!

We were what Wade (the sound engineer) called "The Peanut Gallery" and "lyric police," so we stayed in-tune to help catch any slips or changes. It's really amazing, but Buddy hardly makes any mistakes! Wow. I know I would in his place, but that's why he's famous, right?! So, our job was pretty easy.

We were all pretty hungry by dinner time, but Buddy was finished by 5:30pm. They rush hour traffic was pretty thick, so we all decided to got to the hotel for an hour and then head out to dinner. This was the night that we were figuring on going to South Carolina to find a restaurant. We drove four miles down the road to Exit 1 and found a Cracker Barrel. It was literally across the street from the amusement park, Carowinds. Elizabeth and I also found a really cool present for Dad. It was a little plate with a fish on it and a cute fishing saying that I can't remember all of a sudden. Nuts. We also found a bendable "Gumby" model. Mom and Dad have one just like it that they bought when they got married, so we bought a new one to go with it. :) Can't beat that with a stick!

Kay wanted to leave at 6:30am the next morning, so Elizabeth and I started packing once we were back at the hotel. It didn't take us too long, so we called Mom and Dad, and we heated up some of the left-over onion rings from the first night. Not bad! It was pretty late by the time we got to bed, but it wasn't like there was a lot of physical activity on the plans for the next day. Eight hours in a car. More later.

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