Thursday, June 7, 2012

Seeing the 'Nooks and Crannies' of Stan Hywet

Yesterday was a really fun day. The weather was so nice and clear that we figured it would be a perfect day to go up to Stan Hywet again. Our pass runs out at the end of the month, and Elizabeth and I have been dying to take the "nooks & crannies" tour. You get to see the servants' quarters, the extra guest bedrooms (including the tower room), the dormitory, the coal room, the wood room, the wine cellar, the sauna and more!

Apparently, this was the tour of the house that we had taken as part of the TLC group when we were about ten or eleven years old, but we didn't remember it. Mom did, so she decided to walk around the grounds while we took the tour, and the two of us ended up being the only people on the tour. Boy, was it cool! The Cromwell Room (which is a guest room on the third floor of the tower) was our favorite. I also really liked the wine cellar and the changing rooms for the pool.

Once the tour was over, we all walked down to the Gatehouse. We've wanted to see that every other time that we've been but just never got around to it. That is a cute little house and one that I wouldn't mind living in. We took a bunch of pictures of it --- including us standing at the front. And, despite the serious look, Elizabeth was having a fun time! Oh, and those are our new glasses. That's quite a story too, but for another post.

We also went back through the house (the normal self-guided tour). The Billiards Room is my all-time favorite. We're thinking of doing our bedroom over to the "tudor style" look. We even have a beam on the ceiling that would look great painted in the dark brown color. Anyway, we're hoping to go up one more time before the pass is over. We still haven't walked out Pleasure Drive to see the house from the back! More later.

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