Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Lilies are in Bloom Again

Today was the coolest day in several weeks and looks like it is the coolest for a while to come. I spent a while yesterday picking up sticks and branches in the yard. It was amazing how much the storm brought down and how far it was all strewn around. Elizabeth and I went out early this morning and finished up with that. Finally, I was able to mow the grass!

It's been a hot afternoon, so we've been upstairs in the air-conditioning and I've been felting. I'm almost done with this next doll, and she's really looking cute. We have to take the State Fair entries down on Sunday afternoon, and it would be really nice if she was finished on time. We'll see, though.

The lilies are all in bloom this week and looking very pretty. I took some pictures this morning. My favorite is the one called Salieri. It's a burgundy flower with bright yellow center (seen in large picture above). The pink and burgundy lily in the first photo and the top left are a new one that Mom and I got from Wade and Gatton. It is called Scaramouche. You can probably guess that I bought it because of the name, but it's a real bonus that it's pink! I've been looking for that lily for ages.

Well, dinner is just about ready, and I've got to get going. I haven't been doing anything at the computer, so I'm behind. Elizabeth is working on editing a tribute (at my request!) to Dan Duryea. Yay! It's going to be cool. Can't wait for it to be ready. We went up to Cleveland this weekend, and I've got pictures to post from that, but . . . more later.

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