Tuesday, July 17, 2012

State Fair Entries and Another Stormy Weekend

What ever happened to plain old rain? You know, the kind where peaceful little drops fall from the sky and you can walk outside with an umbrella? It seems that we don't get rain here. We get storms. There might be a few minutes of precipitation, but it's always accompanied by hours of grey sky, super-fast wind, thunder and lightning. That's what was all over Ohio throughout the last weekend.

In light of this weather blowing around, we decided to take the State Fair entries in on Saturday morning --- just to be sure that they got in. We had planned to go down after church on Sunday afternoon, since CAPA was playing High Society, and the two of us really wanted to see that, but it wasn't looking to good on the weather reports. It really worked out, though, as we now had time to go to Whole Foods and a Mexican Supermarket to pick up a few things.

The entries went in without a problem and very quickly. Since all of the paperwork is done online, and they mail the entry tags to your house in advance, all you have to do is sign a paper stating that you entered your items and drop the things off. I've been missing the Carmen Miranda doll ever since. It's sad to give a doll up right after you finish it. Ah well, it's forced me to start another one! :)

Sunday morning was grey, but not bad, so we made it to church just fine. Came home for lunch, though and it started getting pretty bad. We couldn't go to the movie. That was pretty disappointing. I mean, we've been stormed out of every CAPA movie that we wanted to see this year, so we have to wait until next Summer. The sad thing is that we've hardly had any rain. Ohio is actually in drought conditions from Cinci to Cleveland. Pretty much all the grass is totally burnt brown and dead.

We spent the afternoon at home. Elizabeth and I had a movie from the library that we hadn't seen, so we watched that. It's called The Pride of the Marines and is the story of real-life WWII Marine, Al Schmid. He fought in the Battle of Guadalcanal and was blinded by a Japanese grenade. Despite that, he and his buddy were able to continue firing from their foxhole and killed over two hundred of the eight-hundred Japanese that were invading that night. Both men received the Navy Cross. It's a great movie with John Garfield and Dane Clark as the two Marines and Eleanor Parker as the girl back home. Apparently, the film is also very true to life. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes WWII films. More later.

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