Friday, August 24, 2012

A Surprise from One of My Princes

I've posted before about my "Disney Princes" --- five singers that sound like the classic princes from the original Disney fairy tales.

The only surviving "Prince" (I believe since the 1990s) was Tony Martin, and I was quite sad to learn that he had passed away last month. He was ninety-eight years old, but had still been performing in the last several years. That was like the passing of an era. A whole world and style of music is gone, except that we can still enjoy it through recordings.

Elizabeth and I had sent fan letters to Mr. Martin some time last year. We were hoping for a reply, but didn't really expect one. No answer came, and it seemed like that was the end of it. Until today, that is!

Mr. Martin had been performing at Michael Feinstein's club in New York, so we had addressed our letters there. Today we got a package back with the sheet music that we had sent and a note from Michael Feinstein. He had found our music, actually autographed, while sorting through Mr. Martin's things and thought we'd like to have them. Might like? Yes like! What a really special thing. It kind of leaves me speechless.

I really wanted an autograph from Tony Martin, but surely never expected to get one. It's nice how God even grants little wishes that aren't really important in the grand scheme of things. This definitely rates as about the most special thing in my scrapbook. Thanks to Mr. Feinstein, this has been a very wonderful afternoon! More later.

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