Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Signed Copy of Ken Ham's New Book: 'The Lie'

We finally got to hook up with Buddy and Kay this week. They were at home for a day, so we went down to their place on Monday afternoon for a few hours. I was really thrilled, because Ken had signed copies of his updated book, The Lie, for us. I've been dying to see it. It's really cool, too, because he actually signed the front cover.

The book has just been updated after twenty-five years, and it looks even better than the original --- which is saying something! I'm not prone to seeing people as "heroes" or suffering from what's known as "hero worship". Neither is Elizabeth. We've known too many people that come under some heading of "famous", and if we haven't known them, then we've read too many biographies and memoirs to see anyone as anything but an ordinary person. Not to say that there aren't exceptional people in their fields. Absolutely. I think that God has given everyone gifts in different areas, and some people are exceptional in those areas.

Both Elizabeth and I admire a lot of people for their talents in various areas like music, writing, acting, etc. But we don't have "heroes", in the sense of seeing someone in a "super-human" light.

I guess, though, that the closest I'll ever get to the idea of a "hero" would be Ken Ham. We grew up listening to his lectures, but I was thrilled in October of 2003 when we finally saw him in person. As things worked out, we ended up volunteering with Answers in Genesis for three years and working with Ken a lot. That was a fabulous experience, and one that Elizabeth and I are very thankful for.

We've never really had more than a few friends our own age. Our friends have always been at least the age of our parents (if not older), and it was certainly that way while working the conventions with AiG. We were blessed to meet a lot of speakers from all over the world, and to become dear friends with some of them. We really learned a lot in those years of volunteering, and it's a great thing to work with such strong Christians who really have hearts for their ministry.

We got to know Ken very well. It's pretty special to actually be friends with your "hero". His heart for spreading the Truth of God's Word is amazing. He has an amazing gift for communicating with crowds, and there is nothing like actually seeing the reaction of a huge audience after they hear him for the first time. The amazing thing is that Ken is a normal guy, but God has given him a real gift. I guess that is what makes him a "hero" --- he has been willing to use his whole life sharing that gift.

Well . . . this post ended up a little more serious than I'd started out to be. I'm just thrilled with the new book. Ken is always really sweet and sends copies of his new books. Autographed, of course! My very favorite of Ken's books is The Genesis of a Legacy, but that is partly because of the fun we had while he was writing it. It's a fabulous book! More later.

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