Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend and Lots of Visiting

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is less than a month away. It's hard to realize that. We had a fabulous weekend. Spent Thursday at Buddy and Kay's house. Elizabeth and I had a really great time playing music with Buddy. I guess you never grow too old to want to have a "play day" with your friend --- what you play just changes. :) Buddy was teaching Elizabeth how to play along on the Stand-Up Bass, and she really took to it. We even wore Buddy out a bit and ended up serenading him and Mom for a while with some folk songs. Here are some pictures that Kay took of us while we were "warming up". Elizabeth is holding a banjo in the first one.

On Friday, Buddy came up and he and Dad spent the afternoon together. Plans had been to go fishing, but it was gray and windy --- so they went to lunch and a local sporting goods store together. While they were off having fun, we "girls" went up to the Keultjes' house for dinner. Hannah was up, too, and Mrs. Furr came. All in all, it was a great evening. It's always a fun time visiting them and talking. So fun, in fact, that we stayed late. Somehow, I never get a picture. Too bad.

We were pretty worn out on Saturday, so we didn't do much at all. Went to church on Sunday, but we spent the afternoon around here. Yesterday, Mom and Elizabeth had a "secret" errand to run --- so, I stayed around here and got caught up on some laundry and vacuuming and the like. Never a bad thing to catch up on, right?! That was good, because Buddy and Kay came over in the afternoon and stayed until late in the evening. We watched two movies together. A Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy film called Boom Town. That was really interesting, because it's all about oil drilling and wildcatting. And since Buddy worked with his Dad in the oil fields, he was able to explain all kinds of things. I know a lot more about oil drilling this morning than I did yesterday, that's for sure!

We also watched a mystery with Tyrone Power, Charles Laughton and Marlene Dietrich. This one was Witness for the Prosecution. We've seen this quite a few times --- but never with them. Kay is a fabulous mystery guesser, so Elizabeth and I really wanted her to see this one. It even stumped her! No more on that, though, because the plot is great. If you haven't seen it, well --- see it! More later.

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