Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Celebrating 'National Pancake Day'

National Pancake Day. This was something that we'd never heard of, but it popped up as "hot news" on Bing's front page. Well, it sounded fun --- so, we had a pancake dinner last night. Dad makes great pancakes. I mean, he really missed his calling. He could have been a famous pancake chef. Before he came home from work, Elizabeth and I made the rest of the dinner. We had coffee, biscuits, sausage (vegetarian version, of course), breakfast potatoes (Elizabeth is fabulous at making these --- wow!) and salad (gotta be healthy, too). The unfortunate thing is that we ate all of our pancakes before I had time to photograph them. In this event, I had to get a "generic" National Pancake Day picture.

We've had snow for the past several days, and it's been quite cold. Nothing bad about that, though, because we've been staying close to home. Mom and Dad ran to the Whole Foods store on the weekend, but E. and I opted to stay here. We've been busy working on dolls for the Etsy store. Things in that department are rolling along quite well. We're in the middle of making a set of Minikin dolls based on the main characters from Michael Todd's 1956 film, Around the World in 80 Days. The cats are having a lot of fun since we started making these little dolls, because they think that the supplies make great toys. You have to make sure to put everything away and out of kitty reach. More later.

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