Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cabela's Grand Opening & Movies with Friends

Hot diggity dog! Cabela's opened a store in the  Buckeye State! They have been absolutely nuts not to do this years ago (who runs these big chains, anyway?!), as Ohio is one of the most "hunting and fishing" states in the Union. I mean, everyone has been having to drive up to Michigan or down to W. Virginia for years. But --- after years of waiting and wondering, we finally got our own store. It is down at Polaris Parkway in Columbus, so that's not bad. Dad's been counting the days down for months now. He and Buddy decided to drive down together, so they met up on Friday morning, had breakfast together and went to shopping heaven. We girls stayed at home. The reason? Buddy and Kay were coming back with Dad after the guys got home from shopping to have an afternoon of watching movies together.

We had just watched a "new-to-us" John Wayne movie, Island in the Sky. All six of us are major fans of The Duke --- and this is an amazing movie. I mean, you really are glued to your seat. What acting. And quite a Christian theme throughout the film. Can't beat that, that's for sure! Well, that was the first movie of the evening. We ate dinner and sat routing for all the pilots who were out to rescue JW and his men. By the end of the movie, everyone was so keyed up that we decided to watch something relaxing. Kay is a fan of mysteries, so we put in The Thin Man Goes Home. That's a family favorite and one that we've wanted to see together for ages.

We really look forward to these visiting times of chatting and watching movies. We end up solving the problems of the world and learning all kinds of stuff from each other. More later.

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