Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Detectives Here, Detectives There . . .

Well, we have finally finished all of the little Minikin dolls from the big special order that we've been working on for the past several weeks. Boy, was this fun! The order was for ten dolls (to accompany the customer's first Minikin of Hercule Poirot) --- all themed after characters from various detective shows. Four of the dolls were Poirot's Friends, but six of them were other characters from other shows. Take a look at them. Aren't they cute?!

Doll Set: Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Charlie Chan, Miss Marple, Nero Wolfe & Archie Duncan

In fact, we have had more people contact us about detectives than any other topic, so we're planning on changing the feel of the Etsy store to reflect the "mystery" theme. For the time being, we plan on making all of the Minikin dolls based on various detectives (and their friends). That means that Elizabeth and I are going to get busy today working on some more Poirot dolls and his friends. We're planning on offering all of these (and more!) for sale in our Etsy store --- and by special order.

Front Row: Poirot and Friends Doll Set
(Capt. Hastings, Mrs. Oliver, Miss Lemon, Inspector Japp & Poirot)

The picture above shows the complete special order of dolls. Holmes and Watson are my personal favorites, though Miss Marple is awfully cute. With this many different characters, we had a lot of fun with all of the variety in outfits and colors. We'd never heard of Nero Wolfe, but his lemon yellow shirt, striped tie and yellow hanky were cool! I'll be posting individual pictures of the dolls over the next week on our store blog, so check them out by CLICKING HERE.

We had a fun weekend (quite busy), so I'll be posting pictures and news from that as soon as I can get them ready. Gotta get felting now! More later.

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