Monday, May 6, 2013

A Long Weekend, Painting and Jane Austen

We've had a pretty busy weekend. Dad took today and Friday off of work, which means that it feels like we're having an extra-long weekend. It has given him the chance to get a lot of work done outside. He's finished painting the fence at the side of the house and has been busy painting the garage. Just take a look at these before and after pictures of the fence in my Gnome Garden.

I spent Friday mowing the lawn and weeding in the flower garden. A lot of the baby Pin Oak trees that I've been nurturing since last Spring have come back and are budding. I weeded around them and checked them all out.

Thursday was a big rummage sale and we went grocery shopping. Saturday was the annual town garage sales. Not many this year, so it didn't take us very long. I've been working really hard on a custom order for two dolls. The end is in sight, which means that I want to see what they will look like finished.

Flowers are popping up and all the trees are budding. Some earlier trees, like the Crimson King Red Maple have full leaves already. We spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon out photographing at a cemetery. We had a lot of fun, as there was a nesting Killdeer in one of the sections. She actually flew after Elizabeth once. She was out protecting her area --- acting injured and screaming her head off. Then, she would come and fly after you and flap her wings. I couldn't get really close long enough to take a good picture, but you can see her in the light circle in the right-hand picture.

We watched the 1996 version of Jane Austen's Emma --- for the first time, amazingly! We've loved the 1995 versions of Persuasion, Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility for years, but we'd never watched Emma. I really enjoyed it. It was just under two hours, and it wasn't as glamourous as some of the others, but I think that it was the most "realistic" of all of them. You really felt like they were real, normal people that you could meet today. Mr. Knightly was fabulous, too! Wow! Well, there isn't a lot more to report. This has all kept us pretty busy. More later.

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