Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Busier than ever . . .

Summer is definitely here. Not only are we having our annual round of thunder storms, but it has been in the 80'Fs inside the house all week --- and we went to the Farmers' Market on Saturday. That's the first time of the year. We bought a peck of peas which are now blanched and frozen in our freezer.

We've been working at cleaning out the attic again. This time we've been going through "hope chest" stuff and we-might-need-this-one-day-so-we-better-keep-it stuff. Boy! How can we have fit so much stuff that we didn't want into one small attic?! We've sent a lot of stuff to the thrift store, and the attic is much cleaner. It has kept us pretty busy, though, so I haven't been at my computer much.

We worked our way through a couple seasons of Lark Rise to Candleford over the past several weeks. It's kind of like a British Little House on the Prairie. All in all, they were really enjoyable. Could certainly do without the couple episodes having to do with ghosts and ESP --- but they were easily skipped. I'll have to do a separate blog entry about it soon, as there is quite a bit that would be worth reviewing. In one of the Third Season episodes, one of the characters sings an old song. It is SO sticky. I'm going to have to try learning it in order to sleep again.

I am now officially registered for the State Fair. Entries have to be delivered by mid-July, so I'm working and working on Captain Hastings. He is really turning out cute, and I am working on his face now. Let's hope he's done in time!

Well, it's really hot. Nobody slept last night because of the heat and because we had to chase open windows with the thunder storm last night. So, it looks like an easy evening is on the agenda. More later.

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