Thursday, September 12, 2013

More Beans and More Canning

The weeks are passing and they are all sort of blending together. We're still in the middle of canning and freezing and auctioning. The weather had been staying pretty nice, but over the last couple days we've hit record temperatures in the 90s! Of course, our tomatoes were ready in these hot days instead of the cool ones. We've been making and canning spaghetti sauce and tomatoes for soup. We have also been freezing poblano peppers and zucchini for stuffing. On top of all that, Mom and I bought nine pecks of horticulture beans at the auction yesterday! That is 2-1/4 bushels of them. We shelled them all yesterday and canned over half of them. The rest of them will be going into the pressure canner shortly. The beans start out so beautiful in various shades of white, pink and cranberry, but they cook into a typical brown-colored bean. They taste fabulous, though! They are good plain or in stuffed peppers or stuffed zucchini . . . or anything, really.

We have not had time to do much of anything that you would call "interesting" --- other than canning, that is. Elizabeth got a few westerns from the library that star Randolph Scott. Some were duds, but one in particular, Seven Men from Now, was pretty great! I've spent the evenings working on my scrapbook for the new Royal Baby, Prince George. I've pretty much got myself caught up now. Gramma is sending me one of the Spanish magazines with a Royal Baby cover --- so, I'm looking forward to that arriving.

Gotta go finish working now. I've got a few pictures to come but not had time to download them or upload them here. They'll come later!

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