Friday, September 20, 2013

Swan and Eggs Gourd Set and More!

Things are going on here just about the same as usual, though we are all excited to be at the end of the canning/freezing season. We officially finished our freezing for the season yesterday evening! Wow! The freezer is packed to capacity with peppers, zucchinis, beans, broccoli and the like. We are almost finished with canning as well --- just a few stray batches to go. Nothing major. Tomatoes are done, and that's a big deal. We've got tomatoes canned up in all kinds of ways: stewed, spaghetti sauce, salsa, etc. We have a little Salsa Verde to go, but just a small batch. Mom and I went down to the auction this morning and ended up staying for just about fifteen minutes and buying two quarts of buckeyes. Not bad!

Last week at the Farmers' Market, I was able to get a "Swan and Eggs" gourd set. We're not really decorating much outside this year, but I've been waiting for those to come on for weeks. She's now sitting outside in my Gnome Garden looking mighty pretty! I've gotten a small pumpkin and a burgundy-colored Mum to put out there with her since taking the photo, too.

I finally remembered to take a few pictures of things before they were processed into jars or freezer containers. Poblano peppers, Autumn strawberries (the best tasting things ever!) and some Horticulture Beans in jars. That just shows the beans in the jars before the rings were put on and they were canned. Once they come out of the pressure canner they just look like typical brown beans. They taste amazing! Of course, Oliver had to get in on this, too! Here he is being taken for a "walk" in my gnome garden with Mom. He's the best cat in the world.

This afternoon, we took a quick run out to Berlin and Millersburg to go up to the Heini's cheese factory and the Guggisburg cheese factory. That was fun. It was a nice afternoon for a drive and we were able to stock up on cheese at $2.00 a pound! Not bad! More later.

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