Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Buds & Blooms: Our Yard

Our cousin has asked to see pics of our yard, house, bedrooms etc., so here is the first installment. These are all shots of the yard, house and garage as they appear today. It was supposed to be hot and sunny, but is actually overcast and rainy --- not really a bad thing at this time of year. Dad is off to Florida today to visit his family, so he and I spent yesterday evening mowing/trimming the lawn. I love that! The new mower has cut the time it takes to mow the entire yard from four hours down to one and a half! It has also cut the gasoline consumption from five gallons to somewhere between one or one and a half gallons! Not bad.

The first picture above is of the house as seen from the far end of the driveway. You can see that the trees are budding (and in some cases leafing out). The second picture is the house as it appears from the road. That is a lilac that is growning at the front left there. If you stand in Mom and Dad's bedroom you can just see the flowers that are growing on the top as they stick above the roof! The third picture is the house as it appears from the road on the left side. That is a Pin Oak tree that is turning green. They are really nice trees and they drop cute little acorns in the Fall.

Here are some pictures of the front yard (the area between the circular driveway). The vertical pic is looking under the large Red Maple tree (my favorite tree on the property) to the garage. The other photo is one of the lilac bushes that we've planted about seven feet off the road. Aren't the flowers beautiful?!

Just in case you all are curious . . . here are some pics of the garage. This is Dad's little castle. You can see the new mower (the red one) and the bikes. This is where Dad does all his "guy" stuff. Every man needs a haven from a house full of women. Just kidding.

Here are some misc shots. That tree fell down in a Winter storm a year and a half ago, but it just won't seem to come all the way down. Dad keeps chopping parts of it off as it comes nearer to the ground, but it looks like we might have to get a tree service in to get the rest down. The other pic is the perennial garden. Everything is starting to fill out. We are hoping to get the leaves off and the ground cleared out some time this week, but they are predicting rain, so we'll see. Last, but not least, is Elizabeth bringing in the garbage can.

This should give you all an idea of what it looks like here. Next I'll post pics of inside the house!

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