Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Peek Inside the House

Well, here it is . . . a peek inside our house! The four pics below are our Living Room. That is the new wood stove (a Hearthstone which is made of Vermont soapstone). It's decorated with flowers now that Winter is officially over and we're not heating anymore. That is my cat, Samwise, in the first picture --- isn't he cute?!

Next are pics of our bedroom. Elizabeth sleeps on the bunk and I have the double! Not bad. As you can see, we haven't got enough wall space. We're still looking for a spot to hang the poster of Buddy Davis' Creation Concert --- maybe we can use the back of the door!

My bed is the favorite sleeping spot for most of the cats. Of course, Samwise sleeps there every day! On the shelf we have all of our old "children's series" collections (Nancy Drew, Beverly Grey, Bobbsey Twins etc.). There are two bookcases built behind the door as well, but I forgot to get a picture of them. Oops. The double bed is the one that Mom's grandparents set up house-keeping with in the 1930s! Mom has the matching dressers in their bedroom.

The big white bear actually came from Florida. Our aunt had it and saved it for us for two years until we went down there to visit, but by the time we packed everything else in the van, we had to ship the bear back, via UPS, in a huge box. Elizabeth named him "Dana" after the "Dana Girls" mystery series.

Our curtains are Roy Rogers and Trigger fabric to go with the other Roy and Dale decorations. I'll try to post pictures of that later. The little garbage can matches too!

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