Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's . . . Summer?

Well, after a very long Winter, Spring has finally arrived . . . and gone. In the past two weeks everything has turned into Summer! Over the last few days all of the irises are blooming, the poppies opened and the Locust trees are flowering. Here are some pictures of the yard and perennial garden as they appear today.

These four pictures are of the perrenial garden just at the back of the house. There is a stand of Locust trees in the middle and plants all around. The trees are full of white flowers and the smell is heavenly! In fact, there are quite a lot of these trees around the area, so as we drove to church this morning the scent of all the flowers smelled like perfume.

Here are some more pictures showing the poppies and the locust blooms. Aren't they gorgeous?! The garden only looks like this for a few days, but it is so lovely, that it is always worth waiting the rest of the year. We do need to get out and do some weeding though . . .

Next are four different flowers --- very close up! The first one is a little, tiny viola plant that self-seeded in one of the garden walk-ways. The second is a poppy. They're beautiful up close. Finally, the last two are irises that have bloomed. The pink one is a "Beverly Sills" iris, so Elizabeth, being the true opera buff that she is, is partial to that one. We have some more irises to plant, so we are hoping that next year we will have a real variety of colors!

Last, but not least . . . all pics of the locust blossoms. I'm not sure that much else in the world is as pretty as these flower clusters. The smell is like nothing else and they look just as beautiful. It's amazing what God has created, and just think how perfect they'll be in a new Earth one day.
Well, this is what it looks like around here today. I'm going to try to get a few more posts up of things other than the yard. Hope you all have had a nice time looking.

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