Monday, July 6, 2009

What is 'Little Kumquat' up to?

Well, here it is: another entry after a long week. Boy, have we been busy! We've decided to "dig in" to some belated Spring cleaning, so we are working through the house, tearing rooms apart, washing things, dusting and putting everything back together.

Elizabeth and I had our birthday last week, so we spent a nice day visiting a local antique store and digging through old records. Elizabeth has a big collection of 33s and I've got a bunch of 78s, so we love any chance we get to find more. We also went out to Dinner at Panera. That's our favorite restaurant. Gramma gave me a really cool present: her charm bracelet! I'll post a seperate entry about that later (with pictures).

One day last week, I packed up a bunch of baby things that we've collected and put them in the attic. We're pretty set for girl things now, and almost there on boys' things. This is a picture of the box of little boys' clothes. Aren't they the cutest things?! I even got a dinosaur shirt and a dinosaur jacket. Also, there is a really cute outfit with shorts and an alligator t-shirt.

Guys came and buried our Internet cable underground. Yay! Now it shouldn't blow around during storms. We also have five hummingbirds that have adopted our feeder. Wow, are they hungry! They eat all of the syrup that fits in the feeder in one day!

Yesterday, we spent the day with friends and had a great time. We've grown up with them, so we always have fun stuff to talk about. Today we're going grocery shopping as we seem to be out of everything --- just kidding. :) After several late nights, grocery shopping is probably about all we're up to! More later . . .

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