Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pickle Canning etc.

Well, after a long silence, here is the long-over-due entry! We have been really busy around here since returning from Florida, and I think that we're finally catching up to life. Two weeks ago we canned pickles. That was the first canning of the year for us!

We made bread & butter slices, dill pickle slices and pieces. Some jars were fresh-packed and some soaked over night in salt water. We also made some dill green beans. Those are our favorite, so canning wouldn't be canning if there wasn't at least one batch of them.

One very cool thing that we tried for the first time is "watermelon pickles"! You cut the watermelon rind into little chunks and make sweet pickles out of them. We figure on saving them until Christmas for a special something . . . can't wait to try them.

Now, as for some of the other things that we've been doing lately . . .
Mom and I went to the local auction house last week and had a great time! We got a 48-star flag! Elizabeth and I are going to decorate our bedroom this Christmas like a 1940s WWII Patriotic Christmas, so a 48-star flag is the perfect thing!

We also got a gorgeous crib/baby bed that is going to be perfect for the day when I finally have nursery to decorate! Now, storing it will be a little tricky as space is at a premium around here, but we'll come to that later. We've got the crib out in the garage right now for the time while we're cleaning it up, so I'll take some pictures of it to post here. Just a few weeks ago we were at an antique store and I saw a gorgeous blond crib that I really liked. Unfortunately, the price was a little out of line. We got this crib at the auction though for $5.00! And, it's tons cooler than the one at the store. It is actually really big for a crib and the sides are removable so that you can use it as a child's bed when they get bigger.

Tonight there is another auction, so Mom and I are going again. Maybe we'll find something else cool! We are also going to an Amish farm near by to pick up some tomatoes. Tomorrow we will be making salsa to can! I'll try and post more this week. I've got more pictures from the Florida trip too, so those will be coming.

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