Monday, August 24, 2009

Meet Another Prince: Allan Jones

Well, we've been doing some more canning. On Saturday we managed to can 44 jars of tomatoes and salsa! I haven't had time to take pictures of them, so that post will have to come later, but I thought that I'd introduce another of my Princes.

(Shown in picture above from left: Tony Martin, Kenny Baker, Allan Jones, Dennis Morgan and Gordon MacRae.)

This time, you're listening to Allan Jones! Here he is singing "Alone" from the 1935 Marx Brothers' film, A Night at the Opera. This is the song that started me on the quest for "princes". Actually, this was the first time that we'd heard anyone other than a Disney prince sing like this! It was love at first . . . listen?!


  1. Kenny Baker?! Say, you've got taste, gal! :D I didn't know anybody but me even knew who Kenny Baker was! Actually, I'm not entirely familiar with him, since I haven't listened to that era of the Jack Benny Show. Have you heard the Jack Benny radio show? Kenny was their featured singer for many years. Have Elizabeth remind me if I don't remember and I'll send her the link to the Jack Benny show and tell her which ones Kenny was on. :D Dennis Day replaced Kenny when Kenny went to work on the Fred Allan show.......and I can't stand Fred Allan, so I don't listen to it. :D

    1. Excuse me, I should have spelled it Fred AllEn. :D With an E. Whatever.....I still don't like him.......