Friday, March 26, 2010

Posey Hornbeam: A Lady Gnome!

Another little gnome is finished, only it is a little lady one this time. She is solid needle-felted wool, and she stand 7-1/4" tall (including her flower hat). She will be in the "winter" section of the gnome diorama, so she's all ready for the cold weather with her shawl and white, woolly muff. :) She took about thrity-five hours to complete!

Posey is rather loosely based on the same "Rainbow's End" books as the other gnomes. I took more "artistic liberty" with her! The next gnome doll is going to be a little girl and she is almost half way done. Hooray! We're hoping for eighteen gnomes for the diorama, so I've still got quite a way to go.

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